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  • To Love A Wolf

    Werewolves Of Shadow Falls - Book One

    "To Love A Wolf is a beautiful story of love and fate. The struggle between what is and what is to be is interesting and makes the reader hope for happily ever after. The characters are well developed and the story flows, even if I must warn readers this is a part of a continuing story, so be prepared to look for the next book in the saga."

    Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

  • Wolf Be Mine

    Werewolves Of Shadow Falls - Book Two

    Wolf Be Mine is a sexy, passionate read full of mystery and adventure. Great characters and intriguing plotline with an excellent twist at the end.
    Oh I also love Grace, I believe she will be a strong ally in the future books.

    Michelle Cornwell-Jordan
    Author Of Chrysalis

  • Night Secrets

    Falling in love with a Werewolf is easy, it's what else the night holds that might just kill you.

    "This book was the step I needed to get interested in more paranormal books. This book is the perfect reason why I did not want to restrict my reading and blog to certain genres because given a good story line, any genre can produce a great book!"

    Honest Variety Books

  • Death Upon Me

    One man is destined to love you...
    The other is determined to never let you go.

    Story line fantastic, very detailed in each characters life. The twist and turns in each life and the struggles they each went through. The author did an excellent job with all elements of the story. The plot was riveting and kept me guessing from page to page and had me almost shaking with fear and very concerned for the safety of Kacey.
    The author keeps you riveted from beginning to end. It's engaging, exciting and offers something for everyone. Hopefully word of mouth will get this book the audience it deserves.

    Amazon Reviewer

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