Remember Della by Cynthia Burroughs – 6 Besties #vbtcafetour

6 Besties With Cynthia Burroughs

  1. Best writing wardrobe.

I am all about comfort, so naturally I write most comfortably in yoga pants or pajamas.

  1. Best Inspiration for writing.

Everything I’ve ever written has been inspired by people I have either known or observed. I am a people watcher and, if I had the time, could most likely entertain myself for hours on end observing individuals in public places.

  1. Best writing place.

In our guest room of all places.

There’s just something about the energy of that room. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there are large windows on three of the room’s four walls, making it a bright and cheery space to write – even on a cloudy day.

  1. Best Pick-Me-Up book.

The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

  1. Best secret talent.

I can read a room and the people in that room pretty well – call it intuition or whatever.

My first impression of a person is usually dead-on. But if I don’t care for that person he or she rarely ever knows, which may be a result of my southern upbringing.

  1. Best experience or writing idea.

I would have to say my best writing experience was the first year I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I felt such a sense of exhilaration at completing the task of writing a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. Of course, it was a very rough first draft and I went on to write another 27,000 words. “Remember Della” was the result of that first effort.

Title: Remember Della

Author: Cynthia Mock Burroughs

Length: 274 pages

Publisher: Self published

Release Date: November 9, 2011

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Buy Here: Amazon|Create Space

Book Description:
Kat, a “slightly” psychic sixteen-year-old, begins having disturbingly persistent dreams. Dreams of a yellow scarf – with a seeming life of its own – which taunts her and haunts her every dream. Dreams about Della, a fellow classmate, who to this point has remained all but invisible to any and every one at school. Kat eventually comes to the realization that until she unravels the mystery surrounding that “dagblasted” creepy yellow scarf and this girl she hardly knows, she’ll not have another night’s rest. What Kat soon discovers is that she is the only person in Della’s life (including the girl’s mother and stepfather) who recognizes – or will admit – Della has simply vanished, gone “splitsville”! And Kat is helpless as her life becomes indelibly intertwined with Della’s – so much so, that she will carry the emotional scars for years to come.
Kat is surrounded by an extremely colorful cast of characters. You will meet: long-time friend and recent love interest, Em; Kat’s precocious eight-year-old brother, Gordy; her feisty octogenarian neighbor, Mrs. Harper and a chain smoking waitress named Clovis. All who, for various reasons, join Kat’s desperate quest to help a girl she hardly knows and to find answers to questions that, with any luck, will bring her the peace she seeks – the biggest question on her mind being, “Why me?” 
“Remember Della” – which is predominately set in the South during the mid-fifties – is chock full of facts, trivia and slang from that era. While an entertaining read, I believe this book addresses bullying – both physical and emotional – in a fresh and unique way during a time before such issues were “labeled” as unacceptable or problematic.

Author Bio:

I was born and raised in the South and to this day reside in South Carolina with my dashing husband, crotchety cat and nimble Jack Russell. My first novel,Remember Della, definitely reflects that Southern upbringing; and like Katherine, my main protagonist, I am also a child of the fifties.
I have enjoyed reading my entire life and relish childhood memories of long, languid summers spent in lawn chairs beneath shady old trees—my best friend and I devouring one library book after another. I hope to be proof of the old adage that everyone has at least one good book in them—but suppose that remains to be seen. You, the reader, will be the judge of that. 
Drawing and painting have always been passions of mine, but I had never tried my hand at writing until my mother passed away several years ago. During my grieving process I found that painting was not keeping my mind as busy as I would have liked. Painting allowed me too much time to think. So in an attempt to ease my sadness, I decided to try a new creative outlet. The result was a 24,000 word children’s chapter book (as yet unpublished) and a newfound love—writing! In fact, I am in love with the entire writing process, especially the part where I get to tell really tall tales—and get away with it . . .

Author Links – 



Twitter @cmburroughs 






Excerpt One
I sat at the kitchen table while Momma contemplated what to do with the ground beef thawing out on the counter. She settled on goulash and was checking the pantry to see if she had all the ingredients when it
occurred to her she hadn’t heard a peep out of Gordy. The quietude must have alerted her to his absence.
She turned to me, “Where’s Gordy—up in his room?”
I shook my head no. “He’s not home yet.”
She checked her watch and asked, “Did you hear his bus come by?”
No’m. It’s probably running late.”
Gordy should be home by now, Katherine.” She gave me a doubtful look and asked, “You’re sure his bus hasn’t come by?”
The look of concern on her face was fleeting, and we both cringed as Gordy heralded his arrival by slamming the front door so hard the house shook. Momma yelled at the top of her lungs, “Gordy!” When
he came barreling through the doorway she asked, “How many times have I told you not to slam the door like that? You’ve already taken a minimum of ten years off my life!” He never even heard a word she said because he was talking louder and faster than his customary mile-a-minute. His words practically ran
together as he said, “You shoulda seen it! Sammy Spellman throwed up all over prissy ol’ Becky Taylor on the bus! We had beets for lunch an’ Sammy ate a whole bowl of ‘em. I bet that’s what made
him throw up. He says he likes ‘em, but I don’t believe it for a minute. I think he just eats ‘em to show off. But the really good part is Sammy’s throw-up was all red—like he was throwing up blood! Then ol’ Becky started crying an’ everything, and Cindy Walker started gagging ‘cause throw-up splattered all over her shoes an’ then she throwed up. It was so cool! They were sitting across the aisle from me, an’ I got to see it all. And Becky, with her weirdo-self, told Mikey Olson she was gonna wipe throw up on him ‘cause he laughed at her. And the bus driver had to stop the bus an’ calm everybody down. It was Coolsville!
I could see Momma was trying to keep a straight face as she said, Gordy that’s enough—there’s nothing cool about someone throwing beets up all over the place.”
Well I couldn’t be sure, but from the smell of it I think Sammy must’ve been sick at both ends. I tell–”
Gordy!!!” Gordy was treading on very thin ice.
It’s the truth! It was gross I tell ya. Gross enough to gag a maggot! Everybody sitting around ‘em looked like they were gonna puke—’cept me. The bus driver made everybody get off, and the monitor had to go to somebody’s house to call for another bus and for Sammy an’ Becky an’ Cindy’s parents to come and get ‘em.”
Dear Lord, I hope Sammy’s not contagious.” And in spite of the fact we weren’t Catholic, Momma crossed herself.
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6 Besties With Author Chris Wesley – The Gospel Of Wolves #vbtcafetours & #Giveaway

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6 Besties at BK Walker Books by Chris Wesley

1.      Best Writing Wardrobe
comfortable sweats and a t-shirt.

2.      Best Inspiration for Writing
My personal emotional life. When I’m really stressed or unhappy about
something, I try my best to write pieces of my book that match those
emotions because I think in that moment, I can capture what the character
is enduring with a greater sense of empathy.

Outside of that, I focus on and watch movies and read books that have
parallels to the parts of the story I’m writing.

3.      Best Writing Place
I’m not sure I have one. I write in bed before going to sleep using my
iPad, during scheduled writing times, I write in whatever room has the
best combination of place to lounge and light and when we travel out of
town for my wife’s marathons, I write in the hotel room while she’s

4.      Best Pick-Me-Up Book
I usually go back to the Vlad Taltos books by Steven Brust. They have the
right mix of sarcasm and adventure to pull me out of a funk.

5.      Best Secret Talent
I’m a better martial artist than most people who know me socially are
aware of because I haven’t had to fight outside of sparring in years.
Every other talent (poet, songwriter, photographer, etc.), I’m pretty
public with.

6.      Best Experience or Writing Idea
I had my best writing experience while not actually writing. My wife and I
were on a bus that was taking us back to our hotel in Waikiki after going
out for a sunset dinner cruise for our 9 year wedding anniversary. At some
point during the ride, I checked my email on my cell phone and discovered
that the first book I ever published had won first prize in the Global
Ebook Awards for the short story/essay category. It wasn’t a Nobel Prize
for Literature, but it was a great validation for the quality I try and
put in my stories.




chris-wesley-artist-photo Follow Me on Pinterest Author Bio:

Chris Wesley is the award-winning author of the fiction book The Gospel of Wolves, the short fiction story Regret in Triptych and the poetry book Pack Animals. He uses his fine art photography as prompts for character sketches and settings in his fiction along with gallery shows. He has written for the music magazine Night Moves Magazine, acted in independent movies and plays; wrote, cast, directed, shot and edited an independent short movie, started bands and gone solo. He plays a few instruments and is generally considered a smart ass. He also has a thing for how we connect with each other and with ourselves.

Author Links – 










Book Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Aristic Agenda Press

Release Date: November 1, 2014

Buy Link(s):

Book Description: 81dafGC4kTL._SL1500_ Follow Me on Pinterest

Everyone is a wolf.

But putting the pack first can have different ramifications if you don’t really belong with the pack you’re hunting with in the first place.

In The Gospel of Wolves, you delve deep into the heads and hearts of four people who will take risks as they search for where they belong that will force them to make serious choices about the person they are willing to become as they cross paths with some of the cruelest sociopaths the world has to offer to ultimately find out if they are part of the pack or one of the prey.


“Mommy. I don’t think daddy’s gonna make it.”

It wasn’t just what little Melanie said, it was how she said it that caused Lindsey to duck down to eye level with her daughter before reassuring her. “Don’t be silly, dear. Your father will be here any moment to get us and we’ll be on our way home.”

Melanie didn’t seem convinced. She appeared as if she was listening to someone who was telling her something she didn’t want to hear. Whomever that someone was, it wasn’t her mother. She stayed down at eye level with Melanie a little while longer, brushed some of Melanie’s bangs back under the hood of her coat, then stood upright and looked around the airport receiving area for her husband’s car. They had been waiting for half and hour, but the airport was busy, and with the rain, there were surely traffic. She resisted the urge to pull out her cell phone and call him. After what Melanie said, Lindsey was afraid of doing anything that might encourage her to think that something really was wrong.

It seemed like half of the people driving had bought the exact same make, model, color and year of the car her husband owned. With the sky’s reflection bouncing off of the windshields, the identities of the drivers remained concealed until they drove past her and Melanie. She held her frustration and impatience behind a veneer of calm that was becoming harder and harder to maintain each time she mistakenly thought she had spotted him.

If he doesn’t come in the next five minutes, I’m calling him, Lindsey thought to herself. Knowing that this might upset Melanie further, Lindsey looked down to see how Melanie was fairing to gauge if she needed to provide any additional consoling before the call, but Melanie wasn’t there. Lindsey glanced all around her immediate area, but her daughter was gone.


Looking to the parents of a family that had been standing next to them, she asked, “Did you see which way my daughter went? She’s wearing a pink overcoat with the hood up and black stockings?”

Both of the parents gave a quick glance around, then offered sympathetic shrugs.

Lindsey forgot about her luggage and began pushing through the crowd of people yelling her daughter’s name. The amount of people seemed to increase with Lindsey’s anxiety and somehow, they seemed to always manage to be where she was trying to get to and move into the cracks and seams right as Lindsey attempted to peer through to catch a glimpse of where her daughter might be. Irritated by the mass of bodies, she tried stooping down to knee level thinking that looking between legs rather than around torsos might provide more gaps to peer through, but it was a moving forest of limbs that again seemed to move directly into her line of sight as quickly as she could look in a direction.

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We Go On Anthology For Veterans Release Day Book Blast – ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT #VETERANS WORLDWIDE

Book Genre: Charity Anthology, Veterans

Publisher: Indie

Release Date: March 9, 2015 

Buy Link(s): Amazon


Book Description:
The poems and stories included in this anthology, written by various authors, tell of veterans outside of war, of how their sacrifice of service changed their lives long after the war was over. Although some of the messages of the sacrifices of war are sadly timeless, they speak of unsung heroes, and I say unsung because nothing we could ever do for them would ever be enough to say thank you for all they gave. With that said, with these poems and stories, we will give what we can. 100% of the profits made will go to charities for veterans.
To all who have served and to all of those who love them, we offer our undying gratitude because it is all we truly have to give you for your sacrifices, told and untold. So, we give what we can to honor you, to say thank you, and to, in some small way, give back. Although it could never be enough, a million thanks or a million dollars, we pray we can help some of the many who have given so much, so selflessly, and then suffered even as they fought another battle, the battle to go on…

Table of Contents:

We Go On

An Enemy That Haunts My Mind by Alan W. Jankowski

Wailing Wall by Judith Turner-Yamamoto

A Soldier’s Dream by Steve Morse

No Man Left Behind by Terry Rozum

Waging Peace by Kelly Talbot

Just a Humble Hero by John Hansen

Dead Man Walking by Robin Merrill

That Time We Brought Some Veterans Down to Mexico by Evan Harris

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Gregory Roorda

The Demons Will Someday Die by Shruti Fatehpuria

To Love Again by Anita Stienstra

Journey of a Hidden Life by Julie Seedorf

She – A Brutal Truth by Liberty Samantha Michael

The Mind of a Shrimp by Robert E. Bergmann

Exit Wounds by Lana Bella

Not Perfect, Still a Hero by Jason W. Huschle

Shadows of the Past by SL Berg

Finding ‘Peace with Honor’ by Robert Morgan

A Soldier’s Cry by Kelley Hutchison

Coming Back To Life by Kiki Howell

My Dad, My Hero by Stephen Quinn

We Go On

Please help support this cause – All Proceeds Go To 
Charity. You can help by purchasing the book, bravelets 
or custom designs at the links below and share with 
your friends and family.

Charities Include but are not limited to:

Project Homefront, PTSD

Check Some Fun Other Ways We’ve Come Up With In Our Crusade to Support 


All Profits Go To Veteran’s Charities!!!!

Bravelets – Bracelets that remind to “Be Brave” with donations going to PTSD Awareness

Get The Anthology Cover on Shirts, Mugs, Buttons, etc at Café Press

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6 Besties With Waterford Adams – Romantic Recovery Tour & Giveaway

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6 Besties!

Romantic Recovery” with its co-authors Waterford Adams


1.Best Writing Wardrobe – As sisters who share a residence we write from home.

Our best writing wardrobe is casual, comfortable

clothes after morning coffee.

Best Inspiration for Writing – People, People, People, in all walks of life.

Best Writing Place – For Waterford, seated at the computer; for Adams, seated

at the table.

Best Pick-Me-Up Book – For Waterford, The Recovering Romantic; for Adams

Romantic Recovery.

Best Secret Talent – For Waterford, interpreting body language; for Adams,

reading impressions.

Best Experience or Writing Idea – to leave a legacy of peacemaking in





Author Bio: Chas1-2 Follow Me on Pinterest

As co-authors Waterford Adams, we are sisters with a British cultural heritage, who were born in Australia and spent our early years in rural and remote outback regions of Queensland. During our personal histories we have lived and worked in many and various situations, and have learned through adversity that pain is a brilliant teacher. Now in our mature years and with an honourable working relationship, we specialize in the promise of romantic recovery through an ongoing commitment to peacemaking. The collective outcome of this proposal is strengthened by our individual contributions.

WATERFORD: As a registered nurse in public hospitals, I received extensive experience in observing and treating trauma and recovery. Additional periods of real life research have encouraged me to strive to locate the definitive cause of less noticeable trauma. During this study, I have developed through a foundation of insight, the wisdom to appreciate that unidentified emotional pain, if not addressed, is re-created in the form of various discordant and abusive relationship behaviours. My contribution to this book has been refined and inspired over fifteen years.

ADAMS: Teaching for nineteen years in state high schools, with further professional involvement in human relationships education, school camps, term dances and the senior formal, I had the opportunity to study young adults and gain insights into their struggles. The additional years I worked as a telephone counsellor developed my natural intuition, giving me instinctive perception in personal pain and relationship issues. My contribution to this book is to offer a potential for its readers to secure greater awareness through self discovery.

Author Links –

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Paperback:

Giveaway -

A Free Copy of  The Recovering Romantic with purchase of Romantic Recovery.

Email a copy of your receipt to and a copy of The Recovering Romantic will be sent by the author.

41KYCbtoDJL Follow Me on Pinterest Book Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Marriage & Long Term Relationships; Self-Help : General

Publisher: Bookpal

Release Date: 9/25/2012

Buy Link(s): Amazon

Book Description: “Romantic Recovery” is a study of the modern relationships game, revealing the drama in the lives of the characters who perform within it. Showcasing eight well-known players: – Failed Family – Daddy’s Girl – Cheating Partner – Posing Friend – Mummy’s Boy – Sexual Predator – Bully – Fanatic this is a unique journey through the thrilling Contest of Recovery where females and males score points in deciding the fate of 64 relationship dilemmas. As a finale, there is an intimate eight-day diary with questions and answers designed to benefit singles or couples on a personal quest for romantic recovery.


The failed family is the seat where generosity is dispensed in erratic doses from nestling status through to old age. It lacks reform. The family failure creates a group of infants who convince anyone who is afraid, that less is much more than they deserve.

Our well being within this family unit is on high alert. While we may pursue a commission of excellence and social standing, close scrutiny reveals we bear the scars of bewilderment, manipulation and heavily accented progaganda.

The parents in a failed family corrupt with sentiment. They seduce their children with a measure of affection and mix it with a dash of disguised michief. They live and breathe self-contempt because they themselves have been disabled by lies.

There is little to be gained from the failed family portrait as it stands. The foundations are crudely formed. The stays and props displayed are listing badly with the trauma of old fear and unexamined pain which holds each family member to ransom.

This kind of conditioning can imprint itself upon us from very early days. It is difficult to escape being caught in its enmeshment. While ever we remain a captive, we cannot find and protect our dream.



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March 4 – Guest Blogging at Confessions of the Perfect Mom
March 6 – Interview at The Avid Reader
March 9 – Interview at Bikers With Books

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6 Besties With Author Gia Volterra de Saulnier – #JourneyToJazzlandTour

About The Author:
Born and raised in Fairhaven, Massachusetts and attended University of
Lowell (now University of Massachusetts, Lowell). It was there that I
learned to love jazz. I have been performing jazz and other kinds of
music for over 20 years, throughout the New England area. I live in
North Reading, Massachusetts with my husband Richard, and my son



6 Besties at BK Walker Books



1. Best writing wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I like to be comfortable when I write. I think my best writing wardrobe is in my Pajamas but sometimes I will wear jeans too. It depends on when I need to write too. For instance, when I need to promote the faires, I need to just write a promotional PR piece for the events coming up. Sometimes, I will wear my hat that I wear at faire just to get in the “Mood”.

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2. Best Inspiration for writing. My best inspiration for writing is reading other writers books. Sometimes I will listen to jazz or whatever music I have at the time to get writing. Sometimes it’s what you see around you that’s the best inspiration. For me, I’m writing more about the Blues, so I need to get more blues albums and listen to what they are singing in order for me to get unstuck from my writers block.


3. Best writing place. Seeing as I don’t have a large place to sit and write, the best place for me is at my living room table. However, sometimes I do have a notebook with me and I’ll go to a forest or someplace quiet to write. Sometimes, I have really great luck writing with my brother on a piece of paper and then I come home to write it out.


4. Best Pick-Me-Up book. A picture book always picks me up. I’m not just saying that because I wrote a picture book, but I think it’s true. Any picture book can pick you up. It’s the magic of the art, the story and the usually happy endings in Picture Books.

81gYUFt2TWL._SL1500_ Follow Me on Pinterest

5. Best secret talent. I’m not all that secretive. I usually tell everyone what it is that I do. So, my not so secret talent is that I’m a jazz flutist, a pretty good one (well, back in the day). I also knit pretty well (working on my first sweater as I write this post). Maybe my secret talent is that I’m somehow able to manage posting 3 blogs, manage 5 fan pages, promote 2 faires and keep writing while working full time, be a full time mom and just have time to relax – which is hardly ever. I think I need to figure out how to chunk out my schedule so I can manage to find time to relax.


6. Best experience or writing idea. So many ideas pop into my head. I think though that once I come down to one or two really GREAT ideas is when it really works and people enjoy them. I think that the challenge of writing “Journey to Jazzland”for the class at Bunker Hill College back in 1999 was the crux of my writing “career”.


I had always played jazz flute, and when the class came around the project was to write and draw a picture book for kids. My idea was “Journey to Jazzland” in which a Flute named Windy was a little bored in Orchestra one day and wanted to learn more about jazz.


My latest idea is to write a picture book called “Boogie in Bluestown” , I’ve already been asking feedback on my idea, and so far, the response has been positive.


I have too many great experiences in my lifetime to say which one was the best one, but I have to say that getting published was definitely one of the TOP experiences of my lifetime. I never in a million years thought that this book was ever going to be published. It was just a class project where the art was done in crayon and pen was done. Now, I’ve become a published author of a picture book and have learned SO much about marketing, promoting and just writing more books.  

Genre: Children’s Book
Publisher: Flying Turtle Publishing
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Book Description:
Join Windy Flute, Spitz Trumpet and their friends as they travel to a
legendary place where music is joyous, creative and free.
One day during an orchestra rehearsal, Windy Flute was playing a piece of music and her mind started to wander. Over and over, she had practiced this piece and played this piece. Feeling bored, she felt that she wanted to be a little different.
Then something special happened. She began to hear notes that weren’t on the page of sheet music on her stand! When she started playing what she heard, Windy realized these new notes made her feel better. The harmonies and the melodies were the same, but the music moved differently. Before she could figure things out, she was interrupted by a stern voice.
Excuse me, Ms. Flute, do you mind playing with the rest of us? Where do you think you are — Jazzland?” said Mr. Conductor, scowling down at her.
After the rehearsal, Mr. Conductor gave Windy a severe look and stomped off the stage.
Windy turned to her friends in the woodwind section. “What’s Jazzland?” she asked. She was still thinking about the good feelings she got from playing different notes.
It’s a myth,” said Mr. Bassoon.
That’s right,” said Mr. Oboe, “It’s a legend. It doesn’t really exist.”
            “I think it exists,” said Spitz Trumpet.
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Dobyns Chronicles by Shirley McLain Book Tour & Giveaway

Title: Dobyns Chronicles

Author Name: Shirley McLain


Author Bio:


I was born in the bay area of California but my family moved my sister and I back to Oklahoma, where they were both from. I’ve lived many different places but I always come back home.


I started the sixth grade in the Oklahoma school system and graduated in 1967. I started to college for a nursing degree but decided that “my man” was much more important. I became an RN with an Associate degree in 1971. Then many years later I went back to school with my sister who was also an RN and we obtained our Bachelor’s degree in nursing.


I am married to a man who spoils me rotten, and I love it. I have two grown children, six grandchildren and twin Great-grandsons. My family has grown by leaps and bounds. My husband and I now have a fur family at home. We have five dogs and three cats and they are all spoiled rotten. It’s like living in a house full of three year olds. When one is not into something another one is.

Author Links -
Twitter: @shirleymclain93
Book Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Xlibris
Release Date: May 2014
Buy Link(s):
Amazon Print Purchase Link:
Amazon Kindle Purchase Link:
Other Purchase Links:

Book Description:


Dobyns Chronicles is about a young boy whose father was a cowboy and whose mother was Cherokee Indian. His parents worked very hard on their ranch to raise their children and survive, but tragedy ends Charlie’s way of life. He finds that it is up to him to raise his siblings, David and Viola. His passion for dignity and life is what helps him to survive.


This book allows you to follow his life and live the adventures, ups and downs that shaped him into the man that he became and that of his family for generations. It’s a book of twists and turns, and a rollercoaster of emotions that will make it hard for you to put the book down.


Ma was Cherokee Indian. She had some different ways about her, but she was a Christian. I think Pa said she was Church of Christ, so I think that made us Church of Christ also.


Ma was strict on us boys. I can’t tell you the number of times she warmed our backside with Pa’s belt or washed our mouths out with soap for saying a curse word. Pa could get away with it, but my brother and me sure couldn’t.


Since Viola was too small to be of help to Ma. Until Viola was old enough, David and me helped with house chores. We also helped Pa out in the field. Most of the time, I was the one in the field and David took care of the chores around the house. He may have been small, but he sure was strong. I guess we were all strong, from cutting wood, pulling water from the well and general hard work.


It seemed like Ma was always making clothes, and cooking even though I knew she did other chores. She taught Viola how to make butter at an early age. Ma let her move the dasher up and down in the churn for as long as she could. I think Ma was helping Viola develop muscles like us boys. Sometimes Ma would have Viola go out to the woodshed and pick up small pieces of wood for kindling. That sturdy old wood cook stove used lots of wood. That stove would use a couple ricks of wood a year.


In the summertime, Ma got up early and got the rest of us up, and built a fire outside to cook, so we wouldn’t have such a hot house. She’d usually cook enough at one time to keep us fed all-day I can still taste those biscuits made in the Dutch oven. We always had fresh honey or molasses to eat with our biscuits. Times were good then. It’s strange what kids think they know, but really don’t.



The summer I turned six, was a dry and hot one with plenty of lightning storms, but no rain. We had a large crop of corn standing in the field ready to harvest for livestock feed. I’d ate my fill of fresh corn, so now the stalks and ears were continuing to dry. Pa took some of the ears and had it ground for ma, so she could make her crackling corn bread and mush during the winter. We loved that sweet corn meal mush for breakfast. Sometimes she would put it in a bread pan and let it get cold, slice it and then pan fry it for lunch. I remember the temperature being so hot outside; I could feel my skin burn through my shirt.



December 14 – January 30

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January 30 – Spotlight at Ghost Rider Book Promotions
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The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf by Caldric Blackwell

Author Bio:


Caldric Blackwell realized he loved reading when he read about a bunch of people (with single-syllable names) and their pets (also with single-syllable names) in kindergarten.

Exposure to a host of great authors while studying at the University of California, Santa Barbara inspired him to begin writing fiction. Although he began writing short stories for adults, he eventually migrated to writing children’s books. His debut work is an early chapter book titled The Enchanted River Race. His second release is a picture book titled The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf.

Outside of writing, Caldric enjoys hiking and playing the mandolin, banjo, and guitar. Caldric currently resides in California.

Author Links -

Book Genre: Picture book. The Boy Who Couldn't Cry Wolf cover Follow Me on Pinterest

Publisher: Icasm Press.

Release Date: November 20, 2014.

Buy Link(s):


Book Description:


Six-year-old Byron Woodward is a werewolf who can’t howl. Determined not to embarrass himself after being chosen to lead a full-moon ceremony, he embarks on a mission to learn how to howl. He learns a lot about howling during his journey, but more importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about believing in himself.


December 14 – 20

December 14 – Tour Kickoff at VBT Café Blog
December 15 – Spotlight at Deal Sharing Aunt
December 16 -Spotlight at Tea and A Book
December 17 – Reviewed at Platypire Reviews
December 18 – Reviewed at Debbie Jean Blog
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December 20 – Spotlight at 3 Partners In Shopping – Nana, Mommy & Sissy Too!
December 20 – Reviewed at My Twins Hid My Books…Again

December 20 – Reviewed at I Feel The Need…The Need To Read

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What Casts The Shadows by Seth Mullins #vbtcafetours & #giveaway


Title: What Casts the Shadow (The Edge of the Known, Volume I)

Author Name: Seth Mullins


6 Besties with Seth Mullins

1. Best writing wardrobe.

Pajamas, when I can get away with it. But I also like to write outside whenever possible (I can only do this with handwritten first drafts), so then it would depend upon weather and season.

2. Best Inspiration for writing.

As corny as it might sound, for me it’s love of the human race and its potential. When I’m really in touch with that feeling then the words flow with power and resonance, because the desire to connect and inspire, to uphold the best in our nature, is so strong.

3. Best writing place.

I live very close to an expanse of hiking trails with picnic tables strategically placed throughout the park. This is ideal for my “writing on the move” ethic. But like I said, I can only make full use of this backdrop while I’m writing first drafts (which I therefore try to time for spring and summer). I’m not comfortable bringing my laptop into the woods with me.

4. Best Pick-Me-Up book.

Any of the volumes of “The Seth Material” by Jane Roberts. It’s probably no exaggeration to say that these books saved my life.

5. Best secret talent.

Speaking of The Seth Material, I recently read about teaching personalities whom he refers to as The Speakers. Among other things, such people instinctively know how to use symbolism to lead people to inner epiphanies, “ah hah!” moments where they experience a deeper sense of themselves and their greater identity: their magic, if you will. I’ve discovered that I have this particular gift. One response that I’ve received from several readers now is that they’d had no idea, at the onset, how deep (or how far, depending on one’s preferred metaphor) I was going to take them. That’s an intuitive trait in me, to write to that effect, not something I would have known how to consciously cultivate.

6. Best experience or writing idea.

My greatest writing experience was, hands down, producing this particular trilogy (which I have just completed). There were times when the creative churning was so intense that it felt like the story was coming out my pores. I would be pacing around my apartment sweating in the dead of Vermont winter. I sometimes wonder (even worry) whether I’ll reach such a state of peak inspiration again, when lighting from out of nowhere strikes me between the eyes and everything is illuminated.




Author Bio:Seth Mullins writes visionary fiction, stories that seek for a marriage between the invisible inner landscape from whence our dreams and deepest inspirations come and the waking world, the world that we call ‘the real’, which sorely needs those life-giving forces. The result is fiction that seethes with surface drama and conflict while at the same time revealing aspects of the deeper mysteries of reality and of our own souls. The Edge of the Known series, his most recent project, is also inspired by years spent as a songwriter and performing musician. Seth has spent part of his life in Connecticut, New Mexico and Oregon, and currently lives in Vermont.

Author Links -
Website (Humanity’s Way Forward)
Twitter @SethMullins1

Book Genre: Visionary Fiction

Publisher: CreateSpace

Release Date: January 4, 2014

Buy Link(s): What Casts the Shadow? (The Edge of the Known, Volume I)

 Trust in the Unseen (The Edge of the Known, Volume II)


Book Description: When an altercation outside of a performance venue nearly proves fatal, Brandon Chane begins What Casts the Shadow front Follow Me on Pinterest to realize how far his life is spinning out of control. His efforts to channel his pain, frustration and thwarted loves into his music may not suffice to save him. Then he meets Saul, a crisis counselor with the soul of an ancient medicine-man, and a far-reaching journey of healing – one that may teach him how to steer away from the very edge of the Abyss – begins.







Excerpt One:

All right,” Saul said with a wry smile. “I’m going to ask you for a memory. Go back as far as you can, to when you were a little kid. Tell me one phrase that you just hated, something that people would say that really provoked you.”

The answer came to me immediately: “Earth to Brandon.”

Why? Why did that piss you off so much?”

Because people act like they’re saying that to get your attention, but really it’s meant to put you in line. ‘Get with the program’ expresses the same thing. Think like us. Get on board with our agenda. Set your own imaginative life aside and accept what we say is real!”

All right,” he said. “And now, who did you hear this from?”

Teachers, mostly. Sometimes my parents.”

Saul stared off into space for a while, his chin resting on both his fists. When he finally spoke, he enunciated slowly, as if he was relaying a message that had come from a ways off.

So we’ve isolated quite a few things right there – some beliefs that have probably benefitted you a great deal and some others that have no doubt been detrimental. And they’re all woven together so that it’s hard to distinguish one from another.”

I gaped in incomprehension, shook my head. “What beliefs?”

Well, first off, you trusted yourself at a young age,” Saul said. “You knew that you were unique, as every person is. You thought of your individuality as something precious that you wanted to preserve and protect. And you believed that it needed protection from the world. That’s where we get into the territory of more harmful ideas that were clumped in with the beneficial ones. So tell me this: Why wouldn’t you want to get on board with whatever their program was?”

Oh, let’s see, Saul. They’re trashing the planet; they might blow it up with one of their bombs any day now. They lie to justify starting wars. They persecute people because of their skin color. Huh, I wonder. Why wouldn’t I want to jump on that chain-gang? Beats the hell out of me! Maybe I didn’t get the program because they hadn’t managed to implant one of their computer chips into my fucking brain!”

Saul took this all quite calmly. “O.k.: That’s plenty to work with for now. So you see what we’re up against, right? You start out with this strong sense of yourself, this belief in your own insights, and yet there you were about to enter into a world that you didn’t trust at all. You have been seeing and expecting the worst in humanity; and that put you in a real conundrum, because you’re just as much a human being as anyone else. Your own distrust is destined to rebound and bite you. And probably, underneath that, you fear that you’ll become like ‘them’ no matter what you do, that it’s inevitable.” He screwed his face into an expression of mock brutality. “But you’ll resist. You won’t give an inch of ground willingly. It’s no wonder you’re a fighter.”

I glared back. “So are you trying to tell me that people don’t do these things?”

I’m pointing out that your idea, that people are nothing but short-sighted, greedy and violent cretins, has not served you well. The human race commits all kinds of harm through its own lack of consciousness. I’m not denying that. But it has also been responsible for a great many wondrous things – things that you don’t focus on nearly so much as you do the negative aspects. You could just as easily admire people for a whole set of different reasons.”

I raised a dubious eyebrow.

Well, you look up to me, don’t you?” Saul challenged.

I shrugged. “Yeah. I guess so.”

Saul leaned forward as far as he could. His voice dropped to an almost conspiratorial whisper.

Maybe they were scared. Maybe they said ‘Earth to Brandon’ because they didn’t know where you were going to and they weren’t sure whether or not it was a safe place. Maybe they wanted you to get on board, to join in the circle, so that they could feel safer. The point is that we’re run by any of a million possible motives. You could give people the benefit of the doubt, instead of assuming that every time you get a directive it’s coming from somebody who wants nothing more than to blow up the world or turn you into a mental slave.”

Saul offered me a bottle of water out of his little cooler. He must have known that I needed a minute to absorb all of this. Fooling around with black magic and dipping into psychology books is nothing alongside the challenge inherent in really looking at yourself. I would soon be finding that out.





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6 Besties With Author, Michelle Arrose – Ignition: An Educator’s Journey #vbtcafetours

Title: Ignition: An Educator’s Journey

Author Name: Michelle Arrose

6 Besties with author, Michelle Arrose


  1. Best Writing Wardrobe- Sweat pants and a T shirt.


  1. Best Inspiration for writing- my experiences turned into realistic fiction, a good TV show with good writing makes me think of the ingenious behind the script, an act of kindness or humanity


  1. Best Writing Place- my bedroom 


  1. .Best Pick-Me –Up book- Harry Potter series used to cheer me up.


  1. Best Secret Talent- Acting/singing show tunes


  1. Best Experience or Writing Idea- Many people tuned into different blogs which I wrote such as-


  1. 50 Shades Of Shame (Inspired by 50 shades of Grey)
  2. A Treacherous Storm (Inspired by losing home in Hurricane Sandy)
  3. It’s A Wonderful Strife!
  4. Mastocytosis (Inspired by my friend diagnosed with this disease who was fighting for her life)
  5. RIP Robin Williams


Author Bio: My name is Michelle Arrose. I am currently a teacher. I enjoy writing and completed a short-novel titled, “IGNITION” Throughout my entire life I have always felt inspired to write. I also am a strong believer in being a teacher advocate. If my novella could help educate people as to the hardships educators face today, then I would be extremely elated. This is my first novella and hope you enjoy it. I also set up a blog which is: Feel free to follow me as I continue to write many more literary works. 


Book Description:

“IGNITION” is about a first year teacher. Karen Woolsworth who was given (in her mind) an excellent opportunity to work in a school and educate the young minds of today. However, little did she know that teaching led to her nightmare rather than her paradise. One troubled student, Kevin Connelly, becomes part of her obsession that she cannot focus on anything else. A teen that has a disturbing past. Kevin is a representation of the typical student that educators face every day around the world. Karen is left feeling alone in the world and fearing for her life with no support from administrators. Ms. Crowe, the Assistant Principal, is a woman who follows Karen’s every move like a bird. Instead of a dove she becomes a vulture who eats away at the mental psyche and emotional stamina of Karen’s well-being. The only salvation in this pool of chaos is Billy, her husband. However, he has difficulty relating and understanding the educational dilemmas which Karen faces. The constant struggles that Karen encounters to balance her life as a teacher and wife weigh her down daily. This book is a rollercoaster filled with emotional ups and downs until the ride ends. This novella is unique for its alternate endings and you get to choose exactly how Karen’s ride ends.


Chapter 1


New Journey


August 24, was a magical day for me. Not magical in the sense of wizards and sorcerers, but rather in the sense that I, Karen Woolsworth, landed my first teaching position.


I was so excited. I could not wait to go home and tell Billy, my husband, that all that hard work paid off. Two long years of rigorous graduate school, finally over. Taking all those teaching exams and suffering for hours with a proctor staring at you, sizing you up while tapping her pencil, and distracting your every thought when you needed to be in control at that time.


The day started out dreary. I woke up to rain. I spilled coffee on one of my suits and had to go to the interview in my navy blue suit and white blouse. It was not my favorite, but it had to do. I hoped that spilling coffee on my suit did not mean bad luck.


That morning, my curly dark hair stood as frizzy as can be. I felt like a cat that just had gone through a car wash. Imagine how he would look. Well, the spilled coffee delayed me a bit, but I raced for my interview as fast as a jaguar runs and I made it right on time. I was lucky that I did not get a speeding ticket. Billy would have been quite upset if I had. I also would have missed the job interview. Oh, what a shame that would have been!


When I arrived at West Street and Ninth Avenue, my nightmare began. There stood a lonely building called, The Charles Dickens School. This was a five-story building with fifteen-hundred students. The school consists of sixth through eighth graders. I was able to see that this was an old, musty building with no elevator. As I walked into the horrific huge school, I felt so small, but there was an aroma of endearing books, which made me feel quite elated. I was in awe. I grew up in the suburbs. I had never been inside an urban school. This was quite an adventure for me. I was so excited and nervous. As I walked up the three small steps, I was greeted by security, a man in a blue uniform. I gave him my driver’s license as proof of ID and signed in. He told me to turn right at the first door and on the left was the main office. I would then have to meet with the principal. I thanked him and went on my way. As I walked down the long narrow corridor, I remember my heart was beating very fast and my palms felt sweaty. It reminded me of a first date, but much worse. The principal, Mr. Scott, a tall man with a mustache, asked me many questions. He started the interview in a friendly manner by shaking my hand and asking me if I found the school okay. At this point, I remember that his smile turned into more of a serious face, as if to say, “Let’s begin.”


He asked me, “What made you want to go into teaching?” I do not even remember what I answered him, but he must have been pleased with my response. During the interview, there was another person in the room as well. This person happened to be an assistant principal. She was on the large side with curly short blond hair. Her glasses hugged her ears tightly. She was the one who asked some tough questions. She had a poker face on the entire time and did not crack a smile once. Her name, I will never forget was Ms. Crowe. She reminded me of a spectacle-wearing shark staring at a guppy. I guess that you can guess who I was in that scenario: the guppy. I remember Ms. Crowe’s last question was one of the toughest.


How would you prepare your students for the statewide exam?”


I must have looked at them dumbfounded. I could not believe this question. I had just graduated from my master’s program. I had never taught before. I did not know what to say.


At that moment, a magical thing happened. The principal’s secretary came in and interrupted us, saying that he had an urgent call from his wife. He told me that I have the job. Naturally, I accepted the job with alacrity. He then excused himself. If I had had time to answer the question, I believe that I would not have gotten that job. He informed me that I would have to teach a self-contained eighth-grade class which meant that I would have to teach the same children throughout the day. My only hope at this point was that my students would be great and not horrific.


I thanked him and walked out of his tight, stuffy office, leaving him and the shark behind. As I walked out the door, I felt relieved that it was over and my teaching career would begin. The following week I would start and I could not wait. I was overjoyed that I felt like skipping down the block. However, in case the principal should glance out the window, I knew I had to maintain self-control and save that giddy emotion for when I got home.


November 23 – December 15

November 23 – Introduction at VBT Café Blog

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November 26 – Spotlight at 3 Partners In Shopping – Nana, Mommy & Sissy Too!

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December 5 – 5 Things I Know For Sure at CAT Magazine

December 8 – Interviewed at Bikers for Children’s Books

December 10 – 6 Besties at BK Walker Books

December 12 – Review & Guest Blogging at SimpliRead

December 15 – Review & Guest Blogging at Fiction Zeal
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DONATA: In The Mind of a Victim by Donata Joseph 6 Besties & Giveaway #ITMOAV


Title: DONATA – In the Mind of a Victim
Author Name: Donata Joseph

6 Besties With Donata Joseph


image Follow Me on Pinterest


1. Best writing wardrobe. Nightgown


2. Best Inspiration for writing. Prayer


3. Best writing place. In Bed, lights off, eyes closed and let it flow.


4.  Best Pick-Me-Up book. I Declare by Joel Osteen


5. Best secret talent. No secret talents..


6. Best experience or writing idea. Being able to write a book in 11 days and not know what I was writing during the process until the end when I printed it out to read.

Author Bio: Short Bio:

Donata Joseph is a motivational speaker who is passionate about encouraging, empowering and elevating individuals in all walks of life. Whether it’s through her non-profit organization Adding Doses of HOPE Daily Foundation or through her all natural skincare line DONATA, she endeavors to make and impact on the lives of others.


“Use the darkness of your past to propel you to a brighter future.” – Donata Joseph


Long Bio:

Donata Joseph believes in making her mark and changing lives.

In 2011, Ms. Joseph founded Adding Doses of Hope Daily Foundation to empower families of children with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She wanted to share her experiences, challenges and tips for raising two children diagnosed with ADHD.

In 2012, she decided to break the silence and address the escalating issue of Domestic Violence. Her blog, Behind Closed Doors, chronicled a seven-year abusive relationship. The post elicited responses from people all over the world. The Foundation sponsors events and programs that bridge the gap between mental health and healthy relationships. Through motivational speaking, youth mentoring and parenting education, she encourages, empowers and elevates individuals in all walks of life to reflect on their overall mental wellness. Prior to founding Adding Doses of Hope Daily foundation, Ms. Joseph volunteered in a variety of community settings, including nonprofit organizations, youth centers and churches.

In 2013, Ms. Joseph created DONATA, a natural skin care line that also offers skincare, nutrition and health seminars. She uses this platform to empower teens and adults to see the connection between their minds, bodies and spirits. The proceeds from DONATA help fund programs for Adding Doses of Hope Daily Foundation.

Ms. Joseph obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Florida International University with an emphasis in Behavioral Analysis. She was a research assistant in the University’s Center for Children and Families, where she focused on research and treatment of evidence-based approaches in child and adolescent mental health.

She lives in Miami, Florida with her three children.



Author Links –










Book Genre: Self-Help|Inspirational
Publisher: Adding Doses of HOPE Daily
Release Date: December 7, 2014
Buy Link(s): Amazon
Book Description:
In this soul-bearing book, Donata
Joseph reveals why she stayed in a seven-year abusive relationship
and the incident that motivated her to leave.
She talks honestly about the judgmental
remarks elicited from family and friends who did not understand the
emotional, familial and financial complexity of her situation or why
she did not recognize herself as a victim.
In a heart-wrenching chapter, Ms.
Joseph discusses the impact her abusive relationship had on her two
teen daughters and young son and the ensuing parent-child
conversations that changed all of their lives.


If you or someone you know is in an
abusive relationship, consider recommending this book. Ms. Joseph
wraps up her knowledge, wisdom and advice in a non-threatening
package delivered with compassion and understanding.
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